About The Company

Our Story is One of a Kind (Like Your Pet)


“Warmth is amazing and comfort in the shelters was a major problem.”


Comfy Animals is a small home-owned business located in the heart of New York City. Today we deliver comfort gear and clothing to animals (including humans) in 14 states and 5 countries. 


We started in our small studio apartment using household items to turn old clothes in clothing for animals. After signing up as volunteer animal fosters, we became very involved in the local shelter and realized warmth and comfort in the cages and habitats was a major problem.


So we’d cut out and sew from home, using our heater as a welder device, and eventually had enough clothing for 10-15 dogs and cats. It was late nights but so much fun.


One day we received a call from a designer at Burberry down the street. He had bought a puppy from the shelter who came wearing one of our vests. We were a bit embarrassed to admit we’d cut up a Burberry jacket for dog clothing but more humbled at the call. 


The designer offered to donate his leftover stock to our tiny production line. He apparently loved the idea!


While our business changed quickly from a non-profit into a formal clothing design studio for animals, we’ve always kept our principals the same. If it doesn’t help the animals directly, we don’t make it.


And with corporate backing, we’ve been able to spread our business across the country and even the globe now. We’re extremely happy, and have to say thanks you’d considered becoming a part of Comfy Animals!